About Us

FOUND is an easy way to travel, tailored just to you. 

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Our Mission

You know those friends who always know the best places to eat?  The friends who have lists of things to do in each city they visit? The friends who can't stop raving about this local dive bar with all of the character and none of the pretense? Those friends you always ask "where should I go and what should I do on my next trip?"

We're those friends! 

Our passion is searching out that local patisserie that isn't on Instagram. Our passion is finding that perfect old fashioned in the locals-only bar. Our passion is surprising friends with the most touristy tour that everyone avoids but a specific tour guide makes it worth it. Using our cultivated travel-savvy and a bit of technology, FOUND brings what we've found right to you. You, the traveler, don't have to spend hours on Google, Yelp, and TripAdvisor. Through FOUND, you have the time to build your own narrative about your location, and reimagine the entire travel experience. FOUND promises to save you time while creating the ultimate connected experience so you can get a real sense of what life is like wherever you are. 

Don't get lost. Be FOUND. 

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