FOUND is a travel company that creates Experiences to help you travel like a local and discover new places you didn't know existed. Our portfolio currently features 10 cities with additional destinations coming soon! 

How It Works

Step one

Book a FOUND Experience 

Tell us where you're going, your likes and dislikes, and we will craft suggestions to make your trip memorable. 


Step two

Receive your Experience

In advance of your trip, your curated Experience is sent to your email. We'll find you the perfect things to do, and the perfect places to eat, drink, and shop. 


Step three

The world is your oyster  

Explore your location like a local. When you return, send us feedback after your trip and suggestions for new city offerings. 



I haven't been everywhere but it's on my list.

— Susan Sontag


Price $50

All city experiences are priced to ensure you can unlock the exciting features of your destination without breaking the bank.