FOUND Scout is our antidote to your guests’ frustrations as they

navigate how to travel during COVID. Let Scout be your official guide, enabling

safe, serendipitous discovery for your guests in our new world of travel.

Vetted Local Gems

We hand-select little-known finds that uphold the highest safety standards. We help your guests discover new dishes, cafes, cocktails, boutiques, and more — while ensuring they travel smart and safe.

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Up-to-Date Details

We aggregate the latest nitty-gritty need-to-knows for smooth planning. We take care of pinning down unpredictable hours or finding out if the patio is open for dining so you, your team, and – most importantly your guests – don’t have to.

All at your fingertips

We gather far-flung information into one easy-to-navigate place, just a tap away. No more toggling between Instagram, Yelp, and travel forums — your guests can find it all here.

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